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Frequently Asked Questions

- What does ‘RMS’ mean?

Formerly known as the ‘RTA’, ‘RMS’ is an acronym for ‘Roads & Maritime Services’. This is the main authoritative government agency dealing with issuing driving licences in New South Wales.

- Do I need any licence to start driving lessons with an instructor?

Yes. If you don’t already have any licences, then you should go to any RMS branch and pass the ‘Knowledge test’ after which you will be issued with a ‘Learner Licence’.
If you already have a licence; either from other states in Australia or from any other countries (i.e., overseas licence), then it is better that you first check with RMS before starting your driving lessons.

- How can I decide how many hours of driving lessons I need to do with a driving instructor?

The best way is to first go through our list of ‘Prices & Packages’ that we offer to our clients. You can start with one of the options in that list and can later check with your instructor on how to get to the next stage; i.e., going for your driving test or continue practicing with your supervising driver.

- How can I book my first lesson?

Preferably please first make sure that the area you are living in is in my list of ‘Service Areas’. Then you should complete the form in the page: ‘Book Now’.
Alternatively, you can send a text message to my direct number: 0431 272 314*.

- What about if I still need to ask more questions before booking my first lesson?

You are welcome to go to the page ‘Contact Us’ and ask your questions or, alternatively, send a text message to my direct number: 0431 272 314*.
(*Please remember that text messages and phone calls may not receive an automatic answer. However, I aim to get back to you as soon as possible, and usually within one hour after I receive your messages.)